Hello all, my name is Dylan Lopez. I am a senior at the University of Wyoming where I am working towards obtaining a bachelors degree in journalism. I was born and raised in Laramie, so this is my home in the truest sense of the word. The purpose of this blog and its use through out the semester is to familiarize myself with the different forms of media when it comes to journalism. I am really looking forward to developing my skills in some of my lesser practiced areas of journalism.

I have been known to be a very passionate person when it comes to certain things. I love sports and music and these are my two main hobbies when I have time to myself outside of work or school. Baseball, basketball, and soccer are my favorite sporting events to attend. My career goals are undefined at this point in my life, I will more than likely be continuing my academic career beyond a bachelors level of education, whether that’s law school or grad school remains to be seen. Eventually i would like to either be a lawyer for a popular publication or a sports/music writer for virtually any publication.