This course has come to an abrupt end, this semester flew by and feels like last week i was anticipating what I would be learning during this course. After looking over my very first blog post I came to the conclusion that this house was in fact fairly successful for me. I really wanted to emphasize and try to learn better skills in three major areas, these being photography, film, and audio. Blog Post 1

I was very successful in learning new skills in these areas and especially in the area of film capture and video editing.Video Blog.

During this class I was able to gain skills that I anticipated learning while also strengthening some others that I didn’t think would be worked on. Soft-skills in particular are some of the things that I didn’t anticipate learning; problem solving, communication, and even working on critical thinking were some things that I didn’t anticipate using. These soft skill will help in any career field in my mind, but particularly for mine I would be able to problem solve easier and be better at communicating with the various people in my field.

I enjoyed the film the most because of the partner aspect and it was a very successful learning experience. I got to things that I was expecting and meet people that I didn’t think I had access to and thats what made that assignment so enjoyable. The assignment I really didn’t enjoy was the journalistic writing assignment, this is because I didn’t think it was necessarily relevant to our class.

If I could go back in time and give myself advice I would tell myself to accept some of the challenges that these projects presented. I would tell myself to embrace the collaborative part of our class and to also avoid procrastination at any cost.



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