Archie and I decided that for the our video project we wanted to go to the Territorial Prison State Historic site for an event as they were hosting the 125th birthday of the Union Pacific railroad coming to Laramie. We asked the people at the front desk about they think we should interview so they directed us to Deborah. She gave us a rundown about the environment of the park and why it was important for it to be restored and upheld in such fine condition. We then talked to Darren Westby who is the director of state parks and natural resources. He touched on some of the things that make state parks great and how they try to foster a learning environment in order to continue to spread knowledge generationally.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this project was just the coincidence of it all. Archie and I went there that day not really expecting much just looking to get some footage and sight see some. It turned into us learning some new things and talking to some people that were very passionate about their jobs and were very welcoming. The only thing that I didn’t like about the experience was trying to get B roll shots that had some meaning without looking too creepy or weird.

The thing that I really wish we would’ve done differently was get some different perspectives while conducting our interviews in terms of the angle of the shots. I also would’ve liked us to be able to access adobe premier more easily with apple products. The thing that surprised me the most was how much i enjoyed the video editing process, once we made the switch to iMovie it made the process a whole lot easier and we were able to truly create a collaborative project.

The best part about the video creating process is that you have total control in creating something that you envision. I think that video creation is pivotal for a career in this field, especially these kind of short vids packed with information since every person loses attention so quickly. I could see myself using this for almost any situation and at the very least I could tell somebody that I know how to create a video of some sorts.



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