The purpose of this blog post is to analyze and critique the effectiveness of each major sports corporation social media usage (Adidas and Nike). The reason that I chose these two Corporations i because they are the gold standard when it comes to sport apparel in any way. The other reason that I decided to pick both Nike and Adidas was so that I could look at the way that the two giant corporations utilize their respective social media accounts.




While both of these brands had a presence in all six of the major social media websites/Apps, the one app/site that was lacking in terms of the social aspect was Linked in. While there was a presence from both corporations on this website, there was a major emphasis the business aspect. Both Nike and Adidas had consistent messages and themes with the content that was posted on each of their social media platforms. Adidas aimed to put on the individuality of the consumer with message like ‘here to create’ and ‘calling all creators’. by using these kind of terms Adidas is able to convey the message of creativity and individuality for the consumer when they purchase their products. Nike had their iconic theme ‘just do it’ conveyed and sowed with their content. Both corporations used their social media accounts to focus on the consumer aspect of their businesses. They also both focused on giving the power to the consumer as they gave the consumer the ability and options to create many of their products.

The first corporation that I wanted to focus on was Adidas. They were highly successful in three major ways that were recognizable to me. They were able to share with their consumer base, they kept a consistent message across all platforms, and did a decent job of interacting with consumers as well. the three main things that I would change would be to interact and keep making ‘friends on their accounts’. By doing this they create a more friendly environment and relate to their consumer more often. I would also try and convey a message or slogan that would be  more consistent. While their message was always the same their slogan would change and think that it would help with brand growth. The next think that I would do if I was Adidas is that I would just keep on grinding, they may never catch or surpass Nike but they used their social media really well.

The second corporation and its social media that I analyzed was that if Nike. Nike is the biggest of the two and has the biggest fan base. In to build such a successful brand you have to do things very thoroughly and pay attention to the small things. That is also the case with Nike and their social media usage. They had a consistent message conveyed across platforms. They made it very user friendly and accessible for their user to get to where they wanted to go. The third thing that they did that I thought was very helpful was that the used video in a creative manner that kept the consumer engaged with their content. While they were very successful there were a few thing that I would do differently that could help be more successful in their media usage. The first thing that I would do is more reasonable and less automated. This has a negative effect and makes things less enjoyable for the consumer. The next thing that I would do to help would be to be less capitalist based, everything is about money and its very recognizable.

All in all both Nike and Adidas had very successful usage of their social media accounts. While it is very hard to try and be more human with such a massive base I feel that they do a well enough job in other areas to make it so that I would only tweak a few things.


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