Baseball is something that I have always held close to my heart, I was 3-years-old when i first swung a wife ball bat. And from that day it has always been my favorite sport. the fallowing ballparks are the ones that I believe are simply the best, they can be the best for number of reasons whether it be the view, the food, or the history of the stadium. The audience that I intend to find this post useful would be either baseball lovers such as myself or somebody that is looking into going to a game for the first time.

The first ballpark that is on the list is the world famous Yankee Stadium. there are a few reason to put this stadium on the list despite the new ground losing some of its illustrious Ā folklore. The new Yankee Stadium was opened in the 2009 stadium and has already seen some very important moments for the sport. The main being Derrick Jeters final game who is arguably the most iconic Yankee of all-time. Johnny Gurzo who is a lifelong Yankee fan has been to both stadiums and said the atmosphere is what makes it special. “You can feel it the second the stadium is in view, its different, theres nothing like it in the sport. The ball sounds louder off the bat and you can feel the energy.” Gurzo said.

Yankee stadium during a day game in April of 2010.

The second entry on our list that has similar reasons to being included is the famous Dodger Stadium. I put this one here because it is in the Mecca of entertainment being in Los Angeles and the historic feel of the stadium really provides something that a picture or TV just can’t. But the main thing would be their famous Dodger Dog hot dog as it is easily the best hot dog you can have at a ball game.

Beautiful Dodger Stadium during a summer night game that truly highlights its historic and old fashioned architecture.

AT&T stadium is included on most peoples lists when they talk about stadiums that mean something to not only themselves but to all baseball fans. This is where many famous calls have gone down in folklore as the announcer loses his mind when a ball is crushed over the right-field wall and makes a splash in the San Fran harbor. Karl Vilums who has been a lifelong Giants fan said there is nothing like it. “In my eyes it the best, on those afternoon games where the heat isn’t beating down on you and you get the harbor right behind you to go along with the attractions of a game, its just an experience.” Vilums said. This was also the field where Barry Bonds broke the fabled single season home-run record.

AT&T park before an afternoon game as the players take part in batting practice.

Progressive field may come as a surprise to many people but not to me. there are a few things that make this stadium one of the best in the country. The first thing that makes this stadium special would be the fact that it is smack dab right in the middle of downtown Cleveland Ohio. The stadium is surrounded by the buildings and the skyline in the background is something that has always caught my eye. the other thing that made me put the stadium on the list was the potential. The Indians are one of the hottest teams in baseball and can be truly special.

Indians home game at night with the skyline in the sunset.

The last stadium on the list ais the stadium of the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field. Not just because they are my favorite team but because they have the best stadium in the league. Due to the altitude of Denver the ball soars out of the park there which always makes for an exciting game. Rockpile seats are only 5$ which makes the games affordable for everybody and catching the sunset in Coors field is truly an experience in itself. With nothing in life the thing that makes an experience truly memorable is the people that you share it with. “I’ve never had a bad experience going to a ballgame at Coors,” Gurzo said, “smile all around and people are truly sharing the moments with each other, everyone just wants to enjoy their time.”

Rockies coors
Coors Field in Denver Colorado as the evening shifts to night.

These were just a few of the ballparks that I thought would provide the best experience for people that are either lovers of Americas pastime or are just trying to experience something new and are looking for a quality experience. The sights, sounds, atmosphere, people, and the food are what make baseball games special and these stadiums showcase that.




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