I really enjoyed this audio portion of the class, the experience itself was a little awkward in itself. I decided to take this opportunity and ask one of my roommates to do this with me and told him that I wanted us to talk about something that we hadn’t ever before. Because of this it was a little awkward as we took almost an hour to record one 5 minute interview, we would either both start laughing as he told me stories of him growing up or we would get interrupted. One of the things that I noticed especially during the editing process was how well my phone would pick up noise, any time I touched the phone during the interview it would pick up the rustling and any other small noise such as movement on the couch. It felt weird at first because of the general presence of the recorder itself, that was the main takeaway from using it was that the recorder was almost a barrier to what the speaker actually wanted to say.

The editing process itself was a little painstaking but I managed to get somewhere that I wanted in a couple of hours. Along with class and some youtube videos I came to the conclusion that Audacity is a very user friendly program. The biggest issue that I had was trying to cut and move stuff when the words were so close together and then they would almost merge into each other, then after cutting one piece the two would be choppy so I would then have to move more stuff around to make it more cohesive. If I was listening to something other than a persons voice the editing experience itself would be something that I could find very relaxing.

I wish that during the process I could’ve included my questions or maybe it would’ve been better if the assignment was based more around a conversation style because the final end product felt like an awkward monologue and it was very difficult trying to get the story to flow together. But then agin I could’ve spoken up more to try and guide my speaker better.

As a journalist I could argue that an audio recording device is one of your most essential tools at your disposal. The main use I think would be when you are conducting an interview you jot down important topics and include timestamps to go back to. I think that audio will always be an essential piece of communication because you are able to keep your hands free and with the help of audio programs like Audacity the actual infrastructure of the process becomes much easier than what people think it is. All in all this was another portion of the class where I learned a very useful tool that I will be able to carry with me long after I am finished with school.


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