Photo 1:

The Laramie River just off the green-belt in West Laramie

I took this photo because it was a location I was familiar with, this was one of the first places that my grandpa took me fishing when I was a kid. This opportunity arose when I was dog watching for my uncle and it started dusting when I was on the greenbelt walking his dog. Some of the creative devices at work in the photo are rule of thirds and focus. The mouth off the mini waterfall is right in the middle for the rule of thirds while the water is in focus and the background isn’t as its blurred from the shrubs and the lite snowfall.

Photo 2:

A resident of Laramie starts to make the journey across the footbridge located in downtown Laramie.

I took this photo when I was walking around downtown one afternoon on a Saturday. The main creative device at work in this photo is leading lines as the bridge and the railings lead directly to the woman walking across the bridge. This was also an example of framing as the woman is framed in the distance by the railings and the overhead of the bridge.

This is an example of a feature as I think that was a fresh view of an everyday walk that happens across the bridge. I didn’t ask for her name as she was wearing headphones and didn’t want this shot to seem staged.

Photos 3 & 4:


For the third part of the assignment I really struggled finding differing perspectives on a similar topic from all the photos I took. I featured this as I tried to capture the different ways that people were spending their time with their dogs in the cold winter. In the first picture there were few creative elements at work. The first being framing as the man on the right is framed by the telephone pole and the tree branches. rule of thirds is also at works the subjects of the photo are split into the three sectors. I also think that color was an element here as the sky is a clear “sky blue”.

In this second picture people are entering a dog park in West Laramie.

For this second photo I tried to focus on more of the social aspect of taking your dog to a dog park as its a different approach to caring for your dogs exercise needs in the winter. The creative devices here used are rule of thirds again at the dogs and their owners are in the center of the sectors. Also background was one that I thought applied as the people and their dogs were meant to be the focus but your eyes are drawn to things like the tower in the background.


This assignment was quite the challenge for me personally as I was more drawn to more of the aesthetically pleasing photos that I took for this assignment. Having people be your focus was hard as it makes you think about photos in a different way. I have a nice canon DSLR camera but i found out quickly it became a hassle to lug around with me so I used my phone for a few of these, I really struggled with juxtaposition photos as I missed a few event opportunities and then my hands were really tied when I was selecting the photos. I also tried to take most of my pictures outdoors to utilize natural lighting  but then scraped almost all of them at the end. Looking back I wish I would’ve been more courageous and prepared for some of the events I was at. It wasn’t really that difficult talking to people even though i didn’t include any in my final sections. The main thing is that I want to continue to work on this craft as this was my first real shot at photography.



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